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Our stable doors are constructed from a composite of materials. The result is the high-performance of a composite door with the unique functionality of a stable door. They are known as such because they feature two independently operated door leaves, allowing you to open up the top half of the door whilst keeping the bottom one closed. This is great for anyone that is looking to ventilate their home without running the risk of any children or pets getting outside. However, a unique opening mechanism is far from all they offer. Utilising the latest thermal technology, security hardware and durable materials, they provide all-round excellent quality to the homeowner. In addition to our stable doors, we offer plenty of other kinds of doors, like bifold doors and sliding patio doors!

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A closed chartwell green composite stable door

Excellent Thermal Performance

Enjoy cosier living spaces and lower your energy expenditure

Our stable doors are equipped with solid timber cores, making full use of timber’s natural insulating qualities. These cores are then combined with insulated outer frames, resulting in a thermal performance that is outstanding. When fitted by Poole Joinery, a perfect fit is ensured every time, so no draughts will be present either. This is important because draughts can cause a home to become colder, leading to uncomfortable inhabitants. Therefore, the end result is an entrance door that retains heat incredibly well, leading to an increasingly comfortable home. As less heat is able to escape, you can also reduce the amount of money you spend heating your home.

Interior view of a white stable door

Highly Secure

Keep your home free from unwanted intrusions

In terms of security, our stable doors really excel. Their GRP exteriors are resistant to scratches, chips and significant impact, plus their solid timber cores are incredibly dense, providing ultra-reinforcement. However, we also fit our Britdoor stable doors with central deadbolt locking systems and a hardened steel hookbolt. Conversely, our Solidor variants are equipped with AV3 automatic multi-point locks, which secure the door at numerous points around the door frame. Also in place is an Ultion lock cylinder, which can prevent intruders gaining entry, even if the lock has been snapped twice!

White stable composite door installation

Versatile Design

Select the style, hardware and glazing and customise your way

So you can the adapt the look of our stable doors for your home, there’s excellent scope for customisation with them. Choose from a selection of hardware such as letterplates, spyholes, door knockers and handles, all in a finish of your choosing. The available finishes includes Gold, Chrome, Black and Graphite. If you’d like a portion or two of glazing fitted onto the door’s design, then this is entirely up to you also. If you do, there is a huge selection of decorative glass styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to contemporary in appearance. Additionally, there is an extensive number of door styles available and an even larger number of colours that we can apply to the exterior.

White stable door installation

Incredibly Durable

Built with durability in mind so you can enjoy long-lasting protection for your property

Our Britdoor stable doors are fitted with a laminated timber internal frame, giving them exceptional resistance to twisting and warping, even after continual exposure to severe weather conditions. In addition, our Solidor stable doors feature a thermo plastic GRP skin. This helps it to stand out from lower-performing doors that have been fitted with a gel coated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin. Gel coated GRP is strong but it offers limited resistance to damage, meaning the finish isn’t likely to keep its quality as well as a thermo plastic skin. With one of our stable doors, you can expect a strong performance for your home for years to come.

An abundance of tones for you to choose from:

There’s a huge selection of shades and textured finishes to choose from with one of our stable doors so you’ll be able to find the perfect colour finish for your home.

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