Suitable for flat roof replacement and new structures

Despite being known as ‘flat’ roofs, flat roofs actually come equipped with a slight slope, usually at an angle of around 10°. The purpose of having it at a pitch is so water is unable to accumulate on its surface. Water that is left to build up can cause of host of issues and even structural problems, hence why it’s important for a pitch to be present. If your current flat roof is leaking, cracked or underperforming in anyway, a replacement flat roof from Poole Joinery can help. Or, if you require a whole new flat roof extension, we can help you out here too.

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Kitchen interior view with a flat roof light

Highly Insulated

Keep internal spaces warmer and heating bills lower

If your current flat roof is not performing as well as it could be in terms of insulation, it’s worth considering one of our replacements. Our flat roofs have been designed with thermal performance in mind, meaning they’ll improve insulation levels wherever they’re fitted. The better insulated a property is, the better it is at retaining heat. This means homes that are well-insulated tend to be cosier in the winter. However, the ability to keep the heat in also means you can reduce the amount you spend on energy bills. We can also install a flat roof that comes with an insulation board, so you can maximise these potential benefits.

Breathable membrane used in flat roof installation

Breathable Membrane

Reduce the build up of condensation considerably

During the course of everyday living, moisture will inevitably build up in the home. However, to stop this leading to the formation of condensation, there needs to be a way for the moisture to escape. One way of doing this is to ensure the roofing is breathable, as we do with our flat roofs. So, you needn’t worry about excessive condensation accumulation within any flat roof structures. As previously mentioned, their excellent insulating qualities make sure any interior spaces will be warmer during periods of cold. However, the opposite is true during periods of hot. Thanks to their breathable membrane and high levels of insulation, any structures will stay nice and cool at these times too.

Rolls of rubber roofing

Durable & Low Maintenance

Long-lasting material that is able to endure everything the weather has to throw at it

Being impervious to all weather conditions is an essential characteristic of any flat roof, due to their exterior location. However, it’s also important for the roof to be incredibly durable so it can keep the weather out as time goes on. Fortunately, with a flat roof from Poole Joinery, exceptional durability and weather resistance is exactly what you get. In addition, they are virtually maintenance free. So, this means once they have been fitted, you can forget about performing any upkeep and just enjoy the benefits to your home’s performance for years to come.

Dual white roof lights installed on a flat roof

Cost-effective & Highly Customisable

Enjoy a personalised space for less

One of the biggest advantages of a flat roof compared to traditional roofing is that it is considerably more cost-effective. The money you could save by opting for a flat roof could also provide you with additional funds to customise the structure in whatever way you please. For example, we could fit one of our lantern roofs on the top, providing you with a stylish focal point whilst flooding the area with natural light. As there are no sloped walls with a flat roof structure, you don’t have to worry about any sloped walls inhibiting your interior space too, leaving you with more room to use however you please.


Poole Joinery are accredited by a variety of renowned industry organisations, such as FENSA and Checkatrade.

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