Tiled roofs are perfect for roof replacements and new conservatories

As a replacement for an existing conservatory roof, our tiled roofs are an excellent choice. Older conservatories, especially those with replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof, are renowned for their lack of insulation and are often found to limit the amount of usage homeowners get out of a conservatory.

However, one of the main selling points of our tiled roofs is their ability to transform conservatories into year-round usable living spaces. No matter whether you have a Victorian Conservatory, Lean-to Conservatory, or completely bespoke in style, we can install a tiled roof that fits it perfectly. If you’d like a new conservatory altogether to fit one atop, Poole Joinery can help you out here too.

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Edwardian conservatory with a tiled roof

Market-leading energy efficient efficient tiled roofs

Create comfortable living spaces and dramatically lower energy costs with a tiled roof

- In terms of thermal efficiency, no other conservatory roofing system can compare to our tiled roofs.

- They attain incredibly low U-values of just 0.16 W/m2k, which indicates that the amount of heat lost through them is enviably low.

- Of course, the less heat that is lost, the more that remains inside the conservatory. So, during the colder months, any conservatory spaces will be beautifully warm and cosy without having to overspend on energy to fuel your radiators.

- But, this ability to keep a comfortable temperature will also be in effect during the warmer months too. No longer will a conservatory suffer from overheating, leaving you with a space to use however you please all year round.

Tiled conservatory roof interior view

Tiled roofs are stylish inside & out

Our tiled roofs are beautifully styled all over for a visually appealing structure

- The interior ceiling is carefully plastered, resulting in a visually appealing interior that feels like an additional room of your house.

- If you’d like to bring artificial light and sound into the room and increase the feeling of homeliness, recessed lighting and speakers can be fitted into the ceiling too.

- Externally, the stylish tiling is available in a selection of colours, allowing us to match the exterior to the roof on your existing home or have it differ entirely.

- The tiling is also incredibly hard-wearing and can last up to 50 years, even after continual onslaught from the best and worst the weather of Dorset has to offer.

- All with the added bonus of absolutely no maintenance.

Large conservatory with a grey tiled roof

Tiled roof glazing panels

Flood your conservatory with as much or as little light as you’d like with glazed panels

- Due to their lack of transparency, light is unable to travel through tiles. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the amount of light coming into the conservatory.

- The Poole Joinery team can incorporate full-length glazing panels or Velux rooflights into their structure to allow plenty of light inside. We can also place them strategically as to highlight certain features within the conservatory.

- Rest assured that incorporating some glazing into their design won’t prevent one of our tiled roofs from maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round either.

- This is because the high-performance glass in use limits temperature gain from the sun. Plus, it’s self-cleaning, to keep maintenance times low.

Gable conservatory with a tiled roof

Quick & hassle-free to fit tiled roofs

Sit back and relax whilst we take care of the leg work of your tiled roof

- As it’s quick and easy to install, our team of our experts will be out of your hair quickly, leaving you to enjoy your comfortable living space in peace.

- The roof will also be watertight in six hours so no need to worry about the rain coming inside and spoiling your day, whilst it’s being installed.

- As the Ultraroof is compliant with Building Regulations and JHAI approved, you can buy without fear of voiding building control approval too.

- As an approved Ultra Installer, if building control or planning permission is required, Poole Joinery will also take care of this for you.

A selection of coloured tiles to choose from:

Choose from three different tile colours and match your existing property’s roof, if you wish. The available colours are: Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown and Terra Brick.


Poole Joinery are accredited by a variety of renowned industry organisations, such as FENSA and Checkatrade.

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