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The term ‘composite’ means made up of several parts or elements. So, this means the door is constructed from a number of materials. When it comes to a composite door, however, the materials are combined in such a way that allows the doors to perform excellently across the board. Thermally efficient, ultra-secure and built to last, whatever your reasons for wanting a new entrance door, a composite from Poole Joinery can be tailored to your home to fulfil your individual desires. As we make a point to use only the best products here too, our selection has been sourced from the UK’s leading manufacturers of composite doors. Other doors we offer include sliding patio doors and stable doors.

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Traditional style front door with decorative glazing

Keep the heat inside your home

A warmer home is a more comfortable one

Timber possesses fantastic insulating qualities anyway, so when the solid timber cores of our composite doors are combined with insulated outer frames, the levels of insulation are nothing less than exceptional. As we ensure for a perfect fit every time, any draughts that may have existed with your previous entrance door will also be totally eliminated. A draughty door can cause discomfort and contribute to heat loss. Therefore, the end result is an entrance door that retains heat incredibly well, leading to an increasingly comfortable home. As less heat is able to escape, you can also reduce the amount of money you need to fork out to heat your property.

A double entrance door with chrome paddle handles

The ultimate in security

Say no to any unwanted guests with a composite door from Poole Joinery

Security wise, our composite doors really do set the standard amongst entrance door solutions. Their GRP exteriors are resistant to significant impacts and their solid timber cores are incredibly dense, providing ultra-reinforcement. However, we also fit our Britdoors with central deadbolt locking systems and a hardened steel hookbolt. Our Solidor variants, on the other hand, are fitted with AV3 automatic multi-point locks, which secure the door at numerous points around the door frame. But, they’ve also been equipped with Ultion lock cylinders, which can prevent intruders gaining entry, even if the lock has been snapped twice!

Grey composite entrance door with glazed panels

A huge selection of design options

Create the perfect look for you and your home

Choose from a selection of hardware that includes letter plates, spyholes, door knockers, and handles in your choice of high-grade finish. The available finishes include Gold, Chrome, Black, and Graphite. If you’d like a portion or two of glazing fitted onto the door’s design, then this is entirely up to you also. If you do, there is a huge selection of decorative glass styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to contemporary in appearance. Additionally, there is an extensive number of door styles available and an even larger number of colours that we can apply to the exterior.

A red composite front door

Built to stand the test of time

A combination of durable components so you can enjoy years of lasting quality

No matter if you’d like a Britdoor or a Solidor composite door, you’re guaranteed a door that will stand the test of time. Britdoor composites are fitted with a laminated timber internal frame, which provides incredible resistance to twisting and warping, even after extensive exposure to even the most adverse of weather conditions. It’s also worth considering many lower performing composite doors feature a gel coated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin, which is strong but doesn’t provide great resistance to damage This means the finish is less likely to last. However, the thermo plastic skin on our Solidor composite doors is incredibly sturdy, guaranteeing you longevity.

An abundance of tones for you to choose from:

The colour options for our composite doors is extensive, containing everything from the ultra-subtle to the bright and bold. This way, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home.

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