Visually appealing and the functionality of modern uPVC

Roofline has traditionally been constructed from timber, however its main drawback is that it requires retreating periodically otherwise it might begin to rot away. A rotting roofline can be a serious issue for homeowners because roofline is designed to provide homes with an important layer of protection. However, our uPVC roofline is the ideal alternative to wood. It will never rot, will resist discolouring and is super easy to maintain. This means you can expect long-lasting protection for only the slightest bit of hassle. Here at Poole Joinery, we can either perform a full roofline replacement or change one or two components.

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Brown uPVC fascia on red brick home


Available in a style to suit any home

Fascias are the long, straight boards that are fitted below along the lower edge of the roof. Their main function is to support the lower edge of the bottom row of roof tiles, however they also carry the guttering. We stock them in a variety of styles such as Square leg, Bullnose, Square edge and Ogee, so you can find the perfect look for your home. Another form of fascia is the bargeboard. These are fitted onto the gable end of the house so play an important role determining how your home looks to passers-by. Our bargeboards are available in a selection of decorative designs, so you can maximise visual appeal.

White uPVC soffits installation


Necessary protection for your rafters

When looking up at your roof from below, the boards that you are most like to notice are the soffits. These are neatly tucked away underneath the fascia boards in order to cover up your rafters. This protects them from exposure to the weather, which would dramatically accelerate the rate at which they decay. Soffits from Poole Joinery can be ventilated or come as a solid board, depending on your ventilation requirements. Roof ventilation prevents condensation from forming, reducing the build-up of mould and rot on the rafters. Solid and Hollow soffit designs are also available, to suit a variety of design preferences.

Blue uPVC cladding


Visually appealing and incredibly practical

If you’re looking to create a beautiful façade on the exterior of your home, cladding is the perfect solution. Constructed from ultra-durable PVC, it also creates a solid layer of protection from the elements whilst adding an extra layer of insulation. The result is a warmer, better protected home that will look instantly more appealing. Our cladding is available in standard, woodgrain and embossed finishes so you can alter its appearance to suit your home. The styles of cladding you have to choose from includes: Shiplap, Double Shiplap and Open V so there’s further flexibility when it comes to the design.

White uPVC guttering


Safely transport excess water out of harm’s way

Diverting water away from your home is essential for keeping it in proper working order. If left to accumulate, your home is open to a host of problems. One of the more serious ones being structural damage. Therefore, it’s important your gutters are operating as they should. Fortunately, the high-grade uPVC ours are built from ensures water can flow away from your property quickly and without leakage occurring. The styles of guttering we have available are: Round, Square, Ogee, Deep and Cast Iron Effect. Round is more traditional in style whilst Ogee and Deep gutters have a larger capacity so are very well suited to bigger roofs.


Poole Joinery are accredited by a variety of renowned industry organisations, such as FENSA and Checkatrade.

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