Create a versatile exterior space that you can use how you wish

Verandas are used to create a pergola style area, leaving you open to the elements yet protected from above. Rain or shine, this allows you to make full use of an exterior space. How you use it, however, is totally up to you. Whether you want an area in which to entertain guests, somewhere to relax or dry your clothing, whatever plans you have, a veranda can fulfil a variety of purposes. Even if your plan is to solely create a transition between the inside and outside of your home. Constructed from sturdy aluminium and high-quality glazing, their design is highly flexible so you find the right style and size for your property.

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Conservatory with a white uPVC veranda

Intelligent Glazing

Enjoy plenty of sun and expansive views without the glare

The roof of our verandas is created using the Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof, so you can enjoy all the benefits of one of the leading glass conservatory roofs on the market. These roofs are fitted with glazing that limits solar ray entry, reducing the effects of glare so you can relax without worrying about the sun spoiling your view. The inherent strength of aluminium also means the roof is able to be properly supported by a smaller amount of framework. Less framework means less inhibited views through the glass, allowing you to better appreciate sky views.

Side view of a chartwell green uPVC veranda

Style Options

Two distinctive styles suitable for a wide range of applications

We construct verandas in two distinctively different styles: Lean-to and Gable-end.

Lean-to: These are characterised by a single pitched roof and are great for use in small/corner spaces. This is because they are square or rectangular shape, allowing you full use of the floor area. Their look is clean and simple, making them the perfect complement to contemporary architecture, although they can easily be adapted to suit more traditional homes.

Gable-end: With a gable-end structure, the roof doesn't slope back to the centre. Instead, the front stays upright so it looks like the roof does on the end of a house. This veranda style is great for introducing a sense of grandeur to your property. Gable-end conservatories also emerged during the Georgian era, so if you’re looking for that classic touch, a gable-end veranda might be just what you need.

Black uPVC lean to veranda


Carefully constructed with longevity as an essential principle of the design

Due to their exterior location, verandas will, inevitably, have to face the best and worst of the British weather. Therefore, it’s necessary for them to be able to withstand them both. Fortunately, the anti-corrosive qualities of aluminium ensure that the finish on ours will last whilst aluminium’s rigidity will make sure it remains structurally sound. For additional strength and durability, our verandas featured a curved structural beam, also built from aluminium. However, this beam works as an integrated gutter too, helping to remove excess water away from the veranda. This is important because a build up of water can affect the durability of the veranda negatively. Guaranteed for 10 years, you can be certain of lasting quality with one of our verandas.

White uPVC veranda installation

Highly Customisable

Flexible structures so you can adapt their look to your liking

In terms of customisation, our verandas are highly flexible, allowing you to find your preferred design. We can fit them between two walls of the same or differing lengths, allowing you to mod the size and shape of the veranda to suit your exact parameters. In addition, we can sit the roof atop glazed side frames or masonry walls and fit the roof in two different pitches – mono or duo. If you plan on having a particularly sizeable veranda, structural goal posts are also available. These can provide more support to the structure whilst enhancing visual appeal. Finally, select from uPVC or aluminium cladding in a colour of your choosing.

Select from a wide range of colour finishes:

Choose from the full RAL colour range and find the perfect shade for your property. Feel free to contact a member of our team for more information on colour options.

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