Sliding patio doors have been around a long time – almost as long as uPVC has been on the UK market. In the early days, they were heavy, clunky things that didn’t always fit too well. But fast forward a few decades and today the patio door is a sleek, sophisticated piece of machinery, especially if it’s made from aluminium. 

Here are good ten reasons why you should install an aluminium patio door: 

Grey aluminium sliding patio door close up

They let in an amazing amount of light

Obvious, really. But in days gone by patio doors were heavy-framed and didn’t always give satisfaction when it came to sightlines. Modern aluminium patio doors boast slender framework that can bear a lot of glazing, aluminium being exceptionally strong. The result is more than enough light flooding your room, creating a bright and spacious living space with access to the great outdoors just beyond. 

They’re very energy efficient

Even by itself, a sliding patio door has energy efficiency at it’s core and features several benefits. Because of the amount of glazing involved, creating natural light, you won’t need anywhere near as much electricity to light up the room. However, it’s the thermal efficiency of aluminium patio doors which really counts. Polyamide thermal breaks are fitted amongst the frames of our aluminium sliding patio doors, dramatically reducing heat transfer. We can offer U-values as low as 1.38 W/m2k, which are some of the lowest you’ll find on the patio door market. 

They improve ventilation

Sliding back the patio doors allows cool air to wash through the entire house, riding the need for fans or even air conditioning in the summer months. Nothing can beat the flow of fresh air around the home, especially on a hot day, and again, you’re saving on bills. 

Black aluminium sliding patio door interior view

They keep out unwanted visitors

In the early days burglars were always keen on a set of patio doors they could easily get open. Not now. Today, they’ve got a real fight on their hands. Our aluminium doors have a multi-point locking system which secures the doors at several points in the frame, leaving no weaknesses for intruders to exploit. Our doors also include shoot bolt locks on floating mullions, adding a highly efficient extra layer of security and ensuring complete peace of mind. 

They’re strong – really strong! 

Aluminium is incredibly durable. After all, it was used in the construction of New York’s Empire State building. The aluminium we use for our sliding patio doors will not bend or warp, even in the most challenging of British weather. It features an anti-corrosive layer that makes it resistant to fading and discolouration, and it can be easily cleaned. 

They maximise space

Even the smallest spaces can benefit from sliding doors. Opening up your space to the outdoors has the psychological and physical benefits of simply feeling that you’ve got more room. As we’ve mentioned, aluminium is strong but sleek, so you can expect maximum visibility and contemporary style for your money. 

Large grey aluminium sliding patio door

They’re a good sound barrier

An aluminium sliding door is a strong insulator of sound. Modern double glazing blocks out a lot of noise, which is very handy if you live near a busy road or in a noisy neighbourhood. And if you’re having a loud conversation indoors, no-one is going to hear it from the outside! 

They come in a variety of shades

We supply our aluminium patio doors in a range of colours ranging from the ultra-subtle to the bright and bold. However your home is styled, we have an option for you. You may want a colour such as cream or Chartwell Green, and you could also have a textured colour including Golden Oak and Black Ash. 

…and a range of configurations

Our sliding patio doors are available with 2, 3 or 4 panes and in several different opening configurations, which means we will have no trouble tailoring a set of our patio doors to your specific size requirements.  

They’re long-lasting

Aluminium sliding doors offer incredible longevity – it is estimate they can last up to 45 years, even with the minimum of maintenance. Their durability, strength, effortless operation and good looks all add up to a great investment in your home that you will enjoy for many years to come. 

At Poole Joinery, we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with high quality home improvement products that will enhance the appearance of any property.

For more information about our aluminium sliding patio doors please contact us via our website or give us a call on 01202 661299.