Installing a conservatory in your Dorset home can be a daunting task, particularly because of the abundance of options available. Thankfully, the team here at Poole Joinery has years of extensive experience to help simplify the process. Browse through our comprehensive guide to conservatory installation to discover which options are best suited to your home.

conservatory tiled installed

Tiled roof conservatories

If you are looking for a conservatory for your Bournemouth or Poole home that offers privacy, durability and second-to-none energy efficiency, then a conservatory with a tiled roof will be a great choice. Made with interlocking lightweight tiles, tiled roofs offer homeowners not only longevity but also durability. Despite their initial higher cost compared to other roofing alternatives, they prove to be cost-effective home improvements as they can last up to 50 years.

Besides offering sturdiness and longevity, tiled roofs also provide exceptional thermal efficiency. In fact, they can achieve impressive U-values of just 0.16 W/m2k, indicating minimal heat loss from the inside. As a result, the space remains warm in the winter whilst also avoiding overheating in the summer.

For homeowners residing in bustling areas, tiled roofs are an ideal conservatory design as they effectively diminish noise pollution from the likes of traffic as well as severe weather conditions.

White uPVC Victorian conservatory interior view

Glass roof conservatories  

For those Dorset homeowners seeking a conservatory with ample natural light and unobstructed outdoor views, they needn’t look further than glass roofs. Crafted to illuminate the space with sunlight, glass conservatory roofs create an inviting space, perfect for relaxing with a morning coffee or hosting friends.

When compared to older polycarbonate roofs, glass roofs with modern double glazing outperform every time.

Thanks to modern glazing technology, glass roofs offer excellent insulation and thermal efficiency, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable environment year-round without concerns about temperature regulation.

Additionally, glass conservatory roofs are brilliantly low maintenance thanks to their self-clean technology that removes dirt and grime automatically, leaving you with more time to enjoy utilising the space below.

Flat roof conservatories

Whether you need a flat roof replacement or need a new structure altogether, Poole Joinery has got you covered. Our made-to-measure flat roof solutions ensure that you receive the perfect roof for your specific requirements and preferences.

Despite their name, flat roofs are actually designed to be fitted at a slight 10-degree angle. Roofs that are entirely flat can be prone to waterlogging issues, leading to problems down the line. However, the subtly angled construction of our roofs ensures that rainwater easily slides off, preventing any clogging and allowing you to rest assured that your roof is reliable.

Designed with breathable insulation, our flat roofs effectively eliminate condensation and moisture build-up. This breathable membrane also helps to keep your conservatory cool in the summer, whilst its excellent insulation properties retain more warmth in the colder months. With their outstanding thermal efficiency, not only can you enjoy a comfortable living space, but you can also expect to see a notable reduction in your energy consumption, resulting in lower monthly bills.

Black uPVC flat roof light


Rooflights, a type of lantern roof, are an optimal choice for flat roof extensions and orangeries. They provide unparalleled light intake, great thermal performance, and long-lasting durability. Whether you are in search of a roof replacement or a brand-new structure, we offer a range of Rooflight options to meet your needs.

At Poole Joinery, we are thrilled to offer Rooflights designed by Ultraframe, a highly esteemed company in the industry. Our Rooflights boast 25% fewer bars than traditional glazed roofs, resulting in an elegant, sleek, and modern structure that delivers unobstructed views of the outdoors.

With Rooflights, you can rest assured knowing you are not compromising on quality or thermal efficiency. They are built with the thermally broken aluminium framework and achieve U-values of 1.1 W/m2k, meaning you can enjoy a room that remains a comfortable temperature, no matter the weather outside. Thanks to their durable aluminium construction, Rooflights are weather-resistant and watertight even in winds of up to 130mph.

White uPVC orangery installation


Orangeries are luxurious, Mediterranean-inspired structures that blend the openness of a conservatory with the practicality of a home extension, offering additional space that seamlessly integrates into your home. Similar to full-blown extensions, Orangeries feel like a permanent and valuable addition to your property.

Due to their insulated ceilings, Orangeries provide excellent insulation which is demonstrated by their A-rated energy efficiency. Poole Joinery provides a tailored service to our customers, allowing them to personalise their Orangery with a variety of door, window, and glazing options. Customers also have the chance to add their preferred lighting and speakers if desired.

White uPVC porch installation


Described as a covered shelter, Porches are most used as an additional entryway to the home. They are a great addition to any home for added storage space for items such as coats and shoes.

Positioned at the front of the house, a porch provides an added layer of security to your home, offering peace of mind that your family is well-protected. Our customers can select from a range of added features including multi-locks, anti-snap lock cylinders and toughened glass, to further enhance the safety of their new porch.

At Poole Joinery, we offer a bespoke service that allows customers to tailor their new porches to match their existing brick and architectural style. In addition, we give our customers the freedom to choose from a range of doors, windows and glazing options that best suit their individual requirements.

Black uPVC lean to veranda


Our verandas provide not only an increase in the value of your home but also an additional space for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from the weather, whatever it may be. When you choose Poole Joinery for your new veranda, you will be choosing Ultraframe – one of the highest-quality products on the market. Thanks to their aluminium construction, our verandas are durable, strong, and long-lasting. In fact, we are so sure of their longevity that all our verandas come with a 10-year warranty.

Their slight framework means you can enjoy the outside views and ample natural light with no interruptions. With verandas, you can choose from a Lean-To or Gable End design to create a seamless connection between the inside and outside of your home.


We hope our guide to installing a conservatory in Bournemouth has helped simplify your decision, but if you have further questions or want to make an inquiry, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!