As we gradually leave one of the stormiest winters in the UK’s history, the promise of the upcoming bright spring skies will no doubt be greeted with a sigh of relief for many across the country.

 With this upturn in weather, a common query from homeowners will be regarding how they can maximise the natural light from the great outdoors into their property, and at Poole Joinery we have the answer – white uPVC Bifold Doors.

What are uPVC Bifold Doors?

uPVC bifold doors are a type of folding door that slides open, made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall.

 These individual panels move independently and are made from uPVC, a type of plastic that is strong, durable, and weatherproof.

 They are an increasingly popular choice, particularly in the trending colour of white, as they can create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. No matter the width of your room, our fitting team will make it possible.

Large white uPVC bifold door

What are the benefits of white uPVC bifold doors?

Bringing Outdoors to Life 

Arguably the most notable and appealing perk of bifold doors are the stunning external aesthetics that they bring to your home. They offer views of your garden and maximise the amount of natural light your property gets.

They’re Secure

One of the most common misconceptions of bifold doors is that they aren’t as secure as the more traditional options. In fact, they’re more secure than most, as the versions supplied by Poole Joinery are equipped with high-performance 3-star Diamond-rated lock cylinders, including a fold-flat ‘D’ handle that engages the shoot bolts when the door is locked. 


Bifold doors take up very little space when they’re open, making them a perfect option for any sized room. This is because they fold back on themselves, so take up less room than French doors or conventional sliding doors. They also open on both sides and are remarkably easy to install.

PVC-bifold doors-interior-

High Thermal Efficiency

uPVC has the edge on materials such as aluminium when it comes to thermal efficiency due to its intelligent construction. Simply put, it’s better at stopping heat from passing through the door. Our bifold doors are fitted with energy-efficient double or triple glazing, keeping your home nice and warm, achieving U-values as low as 1.3 W / m2k – saving you money on those energy bills.

They’re Durable and Affordable

Using the latest advancements in technology, uPVC is strong, weatherproof, and resistant to warping, rotting, and insect damage – boasting impressive durability. This ensures a long lifespan, reducing the need for replacements. Crucially too, uPVC is a budget-friendly option compared to other materials such as aluminium or timber. Looking at a more long-term outlook, bifold doors can significantly increase a property’s value.

White in Fashion

White is a classic, timeless colour that complements and enhances a range of styles and design choices. We’re already seeing a rise of more minimalistic styles in 2024, with the white creating a clean and modern look, blending your indoor and outdoor spaces. White reflects light more effectively than darker colours, allowing more natural light to flood your home whilst boosting your aesthetic appeal.

White uPVC bifold door


Do uPVC bifold doors come in different colours and materials?

As well as the classic white uPVC, it’s important to note that we do stock alternate options for bifolding doors, one of which may be a better fit for your home.


At Poole Joinery, our extensive list of colour options includes classics such as white, cream, black, and anthracite grey. Woodgrain effects are also available, with rosewood and Irish oak being popular examples. Or, if you’re looking for something a little different for a unique design, we can custom make any RAL colour for you. You can get a best price quote for free here.


As well as uPVC, we also have bifold doors available in aluminium. They have slightly slimmer framing than uPVC, offering marginally better light intake and less restricted viewing, and often last for 35+ years as opposed to the 20+ that uPVC is designed for.

How much do uPVC Bifold Doors cost?

The cost to buy uPVC bifold doors can range from £1,180 to £5,000, and depends on the number of glass panels, material used, and colour selected. Furthermore, you can expect to pay an additional fee for installation. On average, this adds £800 to the total bill. To buy and install uPVC bifold doors averages at around £3,000.

Where can I find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about uPVC bifolding doors, discuss other options, or are just looking for further information, get in touch! All of the products mentioned above are available to enhance your living space from Poole Joinery, and you can get a quote for free on our website here. As well as bifolding doors, we also stock patio doors, stable doors, entrance doors, and much more! This is as well as a wide range of windows, roofs, and extensions.

We can be contacted via email at:, or landline: 01202 661299. Alternatively, we’d love to welcome you to our Poole showroom! The address and postcode are: 188 Stanley Green Road, Poole, BH15 3AH.

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