Traditional wooden windows add character to many homes across the UK. However, while there are many benefits to wooden windows, they aren’t the best choice for every home.

When in great condition, timber windows look beautiful, and offer great thermal efficiency and security. When they are in less-than-perfect condition, however, they can cause your property to be draughty and poorly insulated.

Why replace your wooden windows with aluminium or uPVC?

If you are a homeowner in Wimborne and are considering replacing your wooden windows with uPVC or aluminium, ask yourself the following questions.

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Are your existing wooden windows thermally inefficient?

Expertly installed timber windows are thermally efficient, but unfortunately many wooden windows in the UK are not of the highest quality, or are not installed correctly.

Poorly crafted and installed timber window frames can cause excessive heat loss, which leads to costly energy bills. Both aluminium and uPVC windows are known for their thermally efficient properties. Replacing your wooden windows with uPVC or aluminium can insulate your home, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Are your existing windows too high-maintenance?

Original timber windows can be stylish, but they often require a lot of maintenance to keep them that way. Lack of maintenance over time can leave the frames prone to rot, and can lead to problems like warping.

However, homeowners can opt for uPVC or aluminium windows instead and enjoy stylish windows that offer high performance with low-maintenance requirements. Most aluminium and uPVC windows require nothing more than a quick wash with warm soapy water once or twice a year.

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Is it too expensive to replace your wooden windows?

Let’s face it – timber windows can be expensive. While beautiful, they often come with a hefty price tag and this can increase in the future if you ever require repairs or maintenance. If your existing home’s windows are made from timber, replacing like for like may not be affordable for everyone.

Aluminium windows are a more cost-effective option, and uPVC even more so. uPVC and aluminium windows also offer exceptional durability, meaning that they will be cost-effective in the long run.

Do you want the appearance of wooden windows?

Love the look of timber windows? You’re not alone. At Poole Joinery, we offer a range of flush sash windows that are crafted with uPVC – but retain the timeless style of timber windows.

Our flush sash windows are carefully designed to recreate the appearance of wooden windows and come complete with traditional ironmongery and security features – this makes them a great choice for period properties!

Irish Oak Flush Sash windows with Monkey Tail handles.

Replace your wooden windows in your Wimborne home

If the time has come to replace your wooden windows in your Wimborne home, please get in touch.

Not only can we help you find the perfect uPVC or aluminium windows for your home, but we can also provide you with a free quotation and answer any questions you may have. We have years of experience to help you decide on the perfect window replacement option for you. Please contact us via our website or give us a call on 01202 661299.