Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home

Deciding you want to build a new conservatory is an exciting way to help grow your home and add to its value. However, choosing which type of roof is best suited for your home and needs can seem a daunting task. Conservatory roofing helps define the tone and style of a home and gives homeowners the agency to create a space unique to them. With over 25 years’ experience in transforming Dorset homes, Poole Joinery Windows are passionate about helping our customers feel empowered and equipped in their decision.

Factors to consider:

Perhaps you have decided to expand your living space and are considering which style of roofing best suits your home, or maybe you’re in a position where your existing conservatory no longer stands as a welcoming addition to your home. Leaks, weather damage, inefficient insulation and deterioration are indicators of a needing a conservatory roof replacement – something we’re well versed in and able to support with. We offer a range of glass and tiled roofs that can renew and restore your Poole or Dorset home.

Benefits of Installing a Glass Conservatory Roof:

The coastal light of the southwest works to illuminate homes with glass roof conservatories beautifully. Glass roofs provide homeowners with unrestricted views that naturally allow your home to feel bigger and brighter. Their modern glazing technology also mean that temperature is easily regulated so that the winter doesn’t feel too cold and summer too hot. Glass roofs have also now been proven to absorb more than 50% of noise in contrast to polycarbonate – ensuring a space of stillness and quiet for your home. A replaced and renovated glass roof is not only cost effective in helping you save money on your energy bills, but it will add value to your home if you choose to sell in future.

White uPVC Victorian conservatory with a glass roof

Benefits of Installing a Tiled Conservatory Roof:

Alternatively, we also offer homeowners the choice of a tiled conservatory roof. Opting for tiled roofs allow homeowners the opportunity to transform their conservatories into year-round usable living spaces and benefit from the many advantages of such a high-performance roofing system. The opportunity to match your house’s existing tile scheme provides consumers with stylistic continuity that allows your conservatory space to blend seamlessly with your home’s existing roof design. The addition of tiles also helps create a more intimate and private feel throughout (what is traditionally considered) a rather expository extension of the home. This room-like feel is further enhanced by the sound and weather proofing its materials facilitate too, allowing your conservatory space to be a private and peaceful addition to the home.

uPVC Victorian conesrvatory with a tiled roof

Hybrid Tiled Conservatory Roof Ideas:

A tiled conservatory roof can also be diversified with the addition of glazed panels. If you don’t want to entirely diminish the amount of light that your existing glass conservatory roof permits, why not consider an hybrid of both tile and glass? This allows homeowners to benefit from both the brilliance of the coastal light and landscape whilst continuing to coordinate with the rest of the home’s exterior and its privacy. Although this option might suggest that maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round is compromised, our use of high-performance glass ensures that any temperature gain from the sun is limited. What’s more, this conservatory roof design is yet another of our options that is self-cleaning which helps uphold low maintenance times.

Tiled conservatory roof interior view

Expert Advice on Installing a Conservatory Roof:

Whilst replacing your conservatory roof may seem a daunting task, as approved Ultra Installers with a wealth of experience in replacements and refurbishments (take a look at one of our most recent examples here), we are well versed in helping our customers make informed and supported decisions. Allow us to take control over all structural considerations required and relax in the knowledge that we work on your behalf to ensure your replacement is in accordance with any building regulations that may be required. You can guarantee that we will have a conservatory roof to suit you and your requirements.

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