Winter is coming. That means evening chats cosied up by the fireplace, sipping on hot chocolate. However, it could also mean draughty windows and freezing cold hallways, especially in homes located on the bracing Dorset coast. If you are tired of waking up to a cold home or you simply want to know some useful tips that can keep the warmth in and the cold out, here are some top winter hacks to keep your home toasty for longer.

Cat on a radiator

Check the radiator

If you have a home that uses a radiator, make sure that it is working properly. Once you have determined it is working properly but you still believe your home is cold, it may be because there is too much stuff surrounding the radiator which could potentially be blocking all the heat coming into your room.

Put down some rugs

A little texture on the floor is a good way to keep the warm air insulated inside. This is a great idea, especially if you live in a home that has beautiful hardwood floors or tiles. Laying down a rug also brings some extra cheer into the room.

Check your dampers

Your heating dampers could the reason your home is so cold. Thankfully, it is an easy fix. There are some ductworks that also have dampers as a way to control airflow. For example, in a chimney, a damper closes off the flue to keep the weather out and warm or cool air inside. Some handles or markings on the ductwork should let you know if your dampers are set to summer or winter. Whatever you do, make sure that the damper handle is parallel to the duct line.

Give your roofline the once over

Black uPVC roofline

Your roofline protects the most vulnerable points of your home, so if any part of it is failing it’s likely you’ll feel it inside your home. Forming the detailing immediately below the roof and the eaves of your home, if you can see any cracks or broken sections, rotting timber fascias and bargeboards, evidence of pests or cracked mortar on gable ends, it could be time to repair or replace. Not only will replacing your roofline keep the cold out and more heat in, but it will also provide long-lasting, essential protection for the whole building.

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