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What are the most popular modern window styles in Dorset?

The county of Dorset is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in the UK. From its fascinating Jurassic coastline to picturesque villages, quaint market towns and sweet seaside resorts,... Read more

Do double glazed windows improve energy efficiency?

Modern double glazing plays a huge part in increasing the overall efficiency of your Poole home, simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and benefitting the environment. In this blog, we will look... Read more

How can I make my conservatory usable in the winter?

You may have heard that conservatories are too cold to use in winter and too hot in the height of summer, however technology has vastly improved and this is no... Read more

How to burglar proof your home in Dorset this winter

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, as the months grow colder, Mariah Carey arrived on the radio, and Snowmen start to be built, thieves are more likely to target... Read more

4 ways to enhance homes near the coast with minimalist sliding glass doors

At Poole Joinery, we offer our sliding glass doors in either durable uPVC or modern aluminium. They both offer their own variety of features that will benefit your home and... Read more

What renovations have the best return on investment in Dorset

House prices have never been higher. In fact, it’s estimated that house prices in Dorset are increasing by £100 a day. In the last year, they have risen by a... Read more

Do you have to have trickle vents in replacement windows?

Recent legislation changes have meant the term trickle vents has been thrown around more recently than ever before. If you’re currently looking to replace your windows, it’s very likely that... Read more

Are composite doors better than timber?

When you’re starting to think about replacing your front door, you’ll need to consider which material is right for your home. It’s important that you do plenty of research into... Read more

Aluminium vs uPVC – which will be better for my Dorset home?

When you’re replacing your windows it’s important that you do your research to decide which window style and material will be best for your home. There are a lot of... Read more

4 ways to make your home feel more spacious

It’s no secret that we all wish we had more space around our homes, especially since spending months inside during the lockdowns in 2020. Moving house is a huge commitment... Read more